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How to Create a Photo Display with Cricut

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We love to throw parties around here and the more personalized the better! I’ll show you how to create a photo display with Cricut that you’ll be able to use long after your party is over!

how to use the Cricut Cuttlebug and adhesive foil

We used this for an end-of-school party that my daughter had with some of her friends, but you really could personalize it for any type of party- graduation, birthday, retirement, anniversary! Just change the colors and quotes to match your occasion.

One thing you shouldn’t change, though, is this adhesive foil from Cricut. I really wasn’t too sure about it when I saw it online. I’m not normally a flashy type of person. But as soon as I had it in-hand, I fell in love with it. I used the blue adhesive foil for everyone of these quote cards and couldn’t believe how much it changed colors depending on the lighting.

adhesive foil vinyl from Cricut

That is the exact same heart, I just changed the direction I held it to change the colors! Plus, it’s an adhesive vinyl so works just like normal vinyl that you can adhere to most surfaces. I chose to make quote cards to complement some of the pictures we wanted to display.

How to Create a Photo Display with Cricut

Supplies Needed:

Cricut Air Explore Machine

Adhesive Foil

Cricut Essentials Tool Kit

Cricut Cuttlebug

Feathers & Arrows Cut & Emboss Die Set


Open your Cricut software and start a new project. Using the “Insert Shape” icon on the left sidebar, insert the shape you wish to work with.

Then click the “Add Text” icon on the left sidebar and add the text you want to each shape, resizing it accordingly. For my project, I used Birthday Cakes for the rectangle and circle quotes. I used Sketchbook for the heart. Both of those fonts are available through Cricut Access.

In order for your Cricut to cut the word out from inside the shape, you need to slice them together. Just hold down the shift key and click on one of the shapes and then click on the text within that shape. Now go to your left sidebar and under layers, click “Slice” (where the red arrow is pointing).

Circut slice function

Send the project to your Cricut and let it do its job!

Because of the small size of these quote cards, and the small font of especially the word “love”, there are a few tools that you will need to make your project go quickly and smoothly!

how to use foil vinyl with Cricut

After the Cricut is done cutting, I like to cut the shapes out into individual pieces. It just makes it easier to use the transfer tape for me.

Using the weeder from your Cricut tool kit, weed out all the letters. Leave just the shape and the small centers of some of the letters.

how to weed and transfer vinyl

Place a piece of transfer tape over your design, and using the scraper from your tool kit, rub all over the design to adhere it to the transfer tape.

how to transfer Circut vinyl

The weeder and the scraper are the 2 tools I use more than any other when working with my Cricut! I used to just weed with my fingernails, and I can’t tell you how much quicker it is now that I have the actual weeder!

Just use the scraper to help transfer the designs to your cardstock.

how to create a photo display with your cricut

I thought the feathers added the perfect finishing touch!  A little bit of whimsy and color are always the right choice!

To make them, I used my Cuttlebug from Cricut. You don’t need to even plug this in! Just follow the directions to layer all your plates and cardstock.

how to use the cricut cuttlebug machine

Send it through the machine and in seconds you will have intricately cut feathers (or whatever other design you choose!).

how to use the cricut cuttlebug to make diecuts

To assemble the photo display, I grabbed a stick from our yard, some twine and mini clothespins. I just tied the twine directly to the stick and everything else was attached using the mini clothespins! Easy as can be!

how to use foil adhesive to create cards

how to make a photo display with your cricut

Perfect to have scattered around your party, and unlike some other massive display boards that you see at parties, these also work well to display afterwards in your home. My daughter has this hanging in her bedroom now and you would never know it was leftover party decor! It looks like it just belongs there!

I’m pretty sure after making this project, that the slice function is my new favorite trick! I love that reverse lettering! Check out all the other ways people have used this function on the Cricut blog… after seeing this project, I don’t think we’re ever buying cards again!

how to use your Cricut to create a photo display

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.