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Craft Room Office Makeover

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It’s the final week of the $100 One Month One Room Challenge which means I get to show off my Craft Room Office Makeover!

I’ll be honest, I still have a long list of things I want to do that I just ran out of time for. It’s been a month with a lot of unexpected things popping up, and there were some projects that just didn’t get done in time. But that just means more posts in the future so that I can share them once they are finished!

Let’s go back to Week 1 and see where we started with this room.

Office before cleaning

After A LOT of cleaning and purging… this is what it looks like today!

office craft room makeover

And the view from the other side of the room:

Makeshift kitchen during renovation

So, yeah… we might have made a few changes:

Craft Room with sink

The faux brick wallpaper is from Roommates Decor and is probably what made the biggest impact in this room! It really helps warm it up, and I just love the contrast between the brick, the crisp white and the fun blue!

Aside from the wall treatment, this side of the room also got some white paint on the vanity and the shelves. The vanity is not in great shape at all (in fact, there was a business card/coupon taped to the inside of it that expired in 1993!), so painting it was my best option.

For the shelves, I drilled a hole through both of the bottom brackets and then used an old curtain rod I found in the basement to hold up 3 metal pails for my paint brushes, stir sticks and paint pens.

metal pail organizer

This is what this corner looked like just a month ago when I started this challenge:

Office dumping ground

And today…

craft room makeover before after

The blue pots on the white shelf are plastic flower pots from Dollar Tree. They’re perfect to hold yarn, baker’s twine and other trim.

You might notice in the above picture, that we brought in a new dresser. When I say this was a last-minute decision, I can’t really stress that enough! Last night around 10:00 p.m., I was finishing up cleaning this room and getting ready to head into the hospital to wait for my new nephew to be born.

Before I left, I decided it was imperative that we switch dressers!  Then I spent most of the night at the hospital, got home at 5:00 a.m. and still had to photograph the room!

But we started with this dresser, and I just couldn’t get past the green. It never went with the blue, and with the shade of green I painted the printer cart, it just really stood out.

green dresser

Right next door in our master bedroom, we had a navy and white dresser that really didn’t fit in that room either! In fact, I was planning on selling this dresser soon anyways! We brought it in here, and I just love it! The colors work so well!

blue and white dresser makeover

The top 3 bins are the perfect size for paper too! One has regular printer paper, the other is cardstock and the other is colored cardstock. I found the bins at the Dollar Tree for $1 each.

Bins for paper in office

The drawers are the perfect size for all my Cricut vinyl and other random supplies. Trust me, they are all filled!

vinyl organization in office

On top, I used a lazy susan that I had purchased awhile ago at IKEA. I used mason jars to organize some other random craft supplies.

mason jar storage

Beside that is the 3-drawer, plastic stand that was from before. Honestly, it’s ugly but it’s practical so it stayed. It’s filled with all of my different scrapbook paper and my daughter uses it for some of her craft supplies.

The printer cart had been an off shade of blue and was pretty scratched up and ratty looking.

Craft Room printer cart

That got a coat of paint too and houses my Cricut, Minc, Silhouette, laminator and printer. My father-in-law gave me this cart years ago when the company he worked for was going to throw it out. I absolutely love it and it is perfect for all of my electronics!

printer cart in office

Moving around to the desk area, here’s a reminder of what it looked like at the start of the challenge.

Office desk in craft room

And after some more faux brick wallpaper and lots of purging…

craft room makeover

We added a pegboard behind my desk using only scraps we found in the garage. I’ll have a post on that soon!

pegboard organization for office

The cart at the end of my desk is from IKEA and I had purchased months ago. I had been keeping it downstairs where I worked since this room was such a disaster and I couldn’t really function in here!

I was hoping to cover the desk in some marble contact paper, but that just didn’t happen yet! Soon!

rolling cart for office

A couple weeks ago, I grabbed a cubby off a yardsale site for $7. I’ll have the full tutorial ready for you soon, but I turned it into a window seat for my daughter and dog. I still have to sew a cushion for the top (I’m telling you… there was SO  much more I wanted to do in here!), but I still love the way it turned out!

How to turn a cubby into a window seat

The bins in the window seat and in the cubby in the corner were all $1 each at the Dollar Tree! I was so tickled with how well they fit!

Oversized Chalkboard for office

The oversized chalkboard and laminate bookshelf makeover are both tutorials I’ve already shared with you. I’m still SO in love with this ugly, brown laminate bookshelf that I turned into this white beauty. My husband asked if I wanted it pushed back behind the door, and I almost started crying!

Wood Laminate Bookshelf

Here is what this wall looked like a month ago:

Craft Room before cleaning

There’s that brown bookshelf back in the corner feeling all sorry for itself! The brown couch went down into the basement that we just finished for our kids. I pulled up this settee that I purchased probably 5 or so years ago.

couch makeover before_

And in yet another last minute scramble, I used some dropcloths that I purchased in 2012 and never used, and turned it into this!

couch makeover before after

I’ll try to get a picture in better light tomorrow, but that sun can be so glaring through the skylight and this is the exact spot it hits!

I’ve been amazed at how much storage I actually have once I started organizing things. I really didn’t sell too many of my craft supplies, but there is magically a spot for everything now!

yarn storage

I still have all my canvases and wood signs behind the door, but what’s a craft room without a stack of something somewhere!?

canvas storage in office

I’ll be back later with lots more details, but for now I am just glad to have one more room checked off my list!

Cost Breakdown:

Fabric Bins: $9

Cubby: $7

Wood Trim for bookshelf and pegboard: $7.36

Metal Pails: $3

Blue Flower Pots: $4

Total Cost: $30.36!!

Everything else I either already owned or was given!

Not too bad to only be out $30 and go from this before to this after:

before after of office craft rom




Wednesday 19th of April 2017

It's so much more organized and cheerful now! Looks great!

Ashley ~ 3 Little Greenwoods

Friday 7th of April 2017

Holy cow! I really need for you to come over and help me declutter then pretty up my disaster of a craft room. Your new space is fantastic!

Natalie @nelidesign

Thursday 6th of April 2017

You did so much with so little! Good job!

Erin @ Lemons, Lavender, & Laundry

Thursday 6th of April 2017

The brick wallpaper totally makes the room... Where did you get it? I cannot believe how much this room changed in one month. And all your last minute decisions totally worked in the space. So glad you joined the challenge for another round. Your craft room/office looks amazing!


Monday 3rd of April 2017

That brick wallpaper is so cool! I love it with the bold blue color. I cant believe how much you were able to do in the space!