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What Color to Paint Shutters and Front Door

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I have been stuck on what color to paint our shutters and front door for 18 months now. Just ask my husband. He loooves listening to me talk about it. 😉 So when DecoArt asked if I wanted to partner with them to promote their new Americana Decor Curb Appeal paint, I knew it was time to knuckle down and cross this project off my to-do list.

But then I stiiiillll didn’t know what color to paint the shutters and front door! The color samples from DecoArt are all so gorgeous, but the ones I really wanted to go with (I’m looking at you Urban Green!) wouldn’t exactly blend too well with our yellow siding.

what color to paint shutters and front door on a yellow siding house?

This is where we started: yellow siding (I swear it looks more yellow in person), country blue shutters and a plain white front door. I’m a fan of color, but I don’t want it to look messy. I like my colors to be a nice contrast with each other, and stand out while still looking classic.

I ended up going with DecoArt’s Colonial Black for the shutters and Modern Red for the front door, and I absolutely love it!

yellow house with black shutters and red door

Seriously. Every single time we pull up to our house now, I say to my husband and the kids, “Look at those black shutters and the door! Look at it! Doesn’t it look sooo much better?!”.

And while they might be getting a little tired of me, they completely agree!

before of country blue shutters_

The blue of the before shutters was just so faded and muted. It’s never a shade of blue I would have picked to begin with, and we aren’t sure how long ago they had been painted by the previous owners, but they were definitely in need of an update!

after yellow siding with black shutters

The new black paint is so crisp looking and has such a nice finish to it! It’s hard to tell from the pictures just how dull the blue was, but it really has made such a difference in the overall look of the house since we painted them. It just makes it look crisp and updated!

blue or black shutters on yellow siding

The paint goes on so well too, that we really didn’t need a lot of it to cover all of our shutters. The paint comes in 16 oz. jars, and we only needed 3 jars for 26 shutters! We really were scraping the bottom of that last jar, though, so looking back, I think we should have gone with 4 jars total. We had enough, but I was pretty nervous towards the end and planning out which shutter to do last in case I had to hide it behind a bush!

before after of blue to black shutters

And, of course, the front of the house got some extra attention in terms of the door! This was what the front of the house looked like from the Zillow real estate listing when we bought it last year.

front of house

During our renovations, our contractor discovered there was an issue with the front door. I won’t get into all those details that involve technical terms like support beams and water damage, but the bottom line was that we had to replace the front door and sidelights.

The white door and sidelights that are in my before picture, are actually just the primed door that was installed last year. I never actually painted them (because I couldn’t decide on that color!!).

before white door with sidelights on yellow siding house

But I started falling in love with the idea of a classic red door! My father-in-law said it used to mean that when you saw a red door, you knew their mortgage had been paid off. I can assure you that is NOT the case for us, but a girl can dream, right??

And isn’t this color dreamy?!

after yellow siding house with red door_

Now if you follow my Instagram stories, you know that I spent even more time trying to decide if I should paint the sidelights red or leave them white. Obviously, I haven’t made it very far in that decision. I’ve also been driving around looking for other red doors with sidelights to see what these random people decided to do.

It’s split pretty evenly down the middle so that was literally no help at all and just wasted a lot of gas money. So now I’m turning to you guys… paint the sidelights or leave them white??

painting a front door red

My favorite part about the Americana Decor Curb Appeal paint is how quickly it dries. I was able to paint sections of the door and within 10-15 minutes it was completely dry to the touch! I probably wouldn’t have closed the door after that short of time, but I was absolutely closing it within 1-2 hrs, and there were zero marks left behind.

You really can paint and close your door in such a short amount of time! Shorter than any other paint I’ve ever worked with.

red painted front door with black handle

I love the way it looks with our door handle! Everything feels so much more cohesive now from the outside of the house! We eventually plan on putting a roof over the front door and when we do that, we’ll also be changing out the exterior lights on either side of the front door. I also drive around and take pictures of random porches I like… don’t be scared if you see me outside your house. Right now, this is the winning look that I’m hoping we can implement sometime in the next year or so.

front porch idea

But for now, I’m just thrilled with our updated look! It really makes such a difference to pull up to your house and love the way it looks!

after yellow house with black shutters red door

Be sure to check out the other colors available in DecoArt’s new line of Americana Decor Curb Appeal paints. What color would you choose for your house?


And don’t forget to pin this post (especially if you have yellow siding because that can be a bugger!).

how to pick the right paint for your front door and shutters



Jennifer Martin

Saturday 5th of February 2022

What color shingles do you have?


Friday 3rd of May 2019

I have a Red house and my sister says my doors should be black but I am not thinking that. I need some ideas I dont know what to do please help . Judith


Thursday 9th of May 2019

I've always liked the way black doors look from the road, but I've never been a fan of them up close. I think they look dirty quickly and absorb so much heat from the sun.

For a red house, I would probably go with either a wooden, stained door or a warm gray. It depends on the color of your shutters, but I also like a yellow door (the opposite of my house with yellow siding and a red door) or a nice, crisp white door!


Tuesday 16th of April 2019

I normally would've thought blue with cream. But yeah, It appears the black does look better.


Monday 23rd of July 2018



Thursday 22nd of June 2017

It looks nice, very stately. We're building a grey home with white trim gutters, garage door and black shutters, lights, and door. I saw a house like this with a very pale blue door and am considering that. Tough decision!


Wednesday 28th of June 2017

I think that sounds gorgeous! If I was able to start from scratch, I wanted a dark grey home with wide, white window trim. I probably would have painted the door a light aqua color then. But, I have this yellow siding for now, and it's in pretty good shape so no chance of getting that replaced!

We must have similar taste, because I SERIOUSLY considered the dark grey paint for the shutters! The only thing holding me back was our roof has bluish shingles and I just didn't think it would look right with that. The previous owners REALLY liked blue!


Thursday 22nd of June 2017

trim,* (also to be clear, we're considering the pale blue door for our grey house)

I also think dark grey shutters would look nice on your home but not sure what door color.