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Citrus Fruit Dip Recipe

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Citrus Fresh Fruit Dip Recipe - A Turtle's Life for Me

Hi, I’m Natalie and I’m addicted to dip.


I’d love to say my kids got their love of running from me or maybe their love of dancing, but no. Dipping. That’s what I’ve passed on to my children, dipping.

When my son was about 2, he went through a stage where tartar sauce was his dip of choice. I’m not talking for crab cakes or tilapia. Everything.

Even chocolate Easter bunnies couldn’t escape the tartar sauce that year. Gag all you want, but I had to watch it happen and I don’t feel sorry for you. It was as gross as you can imagine.

But it never came close to stopping my love of dipping.

I’m trying to be a tad healthier with my dipping lately. I mean, it’s still a dip so probably not going to win any awards for it’s nutritional value, but at least I’m using fruit as my dip-to-mouth vessel, right??

Citrus Fruit Dip - A Turtle's Life for Me

And the kids loved it. Like talked about it after every bite because it was so good loved it.

I added some drops of citrus oil to give it that extra kick of flavor. My son kept saying it tasted like lemon. I kept saying it was just citrus in general. Then my daughter would say it tasted like orange. Then I would say it was just citrus in general.

It was a fun little conversation. ; )

All I know is that I ended up having to make a second batch, because The Dipping Duo ended up eating all of it before I got any pictures!

Citrus Fruit Dip Recipe

This refreshing dip contains only 3 ingredients!

  • 8 oz. cream cheese (softened)
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 2-4 drops Citrus Fresh Vitality essential oil
  1. Beat all ingredients together until smooth. Start by adding 2 drops of Citrus Fresh and taste test until you get the desired flavored. Store in the refrigerator.
  2. I only use Young Living’s Citrus Fresh vitality oil and that is the only brand that has been tested with this recipe.

Citrus Fresh Fruit Dip - A Turtle's Life for Me

I mentioned in the recipe, but I want to reiterate… I only use Young Living’s essential oils in my recipes. They are the only ones I’ve tested and the only ones I feel confident sharing!

More importantly, let me leave you with one more shot of our favorite summer dip!

Citrus Fruit Dip Recipe - a light refreshing dip that's perfect for summer!