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Christmas Styrofoam Wreath with Gift Bag

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I originally shared this post over at Create.Craft.Love. last month, but I wanted share it here on my own site as well for all of you!  It’s been hanging on my door for over 6 weeks now and I’m still enjoying it, which says a lot for this flighty gal!

Holiday wreath to everyday wreath

 I have a bit of a confession to make that in the world of bloggers can probably be considered scandalous!  I very, very rarely make wreaths.  I mean, like maybe one or two in my life!  Whenever I see one, I adore it, though, so I’m on a mission to change this about myself!  I’m also on a mission to use up items in my house without buying new materials!

Guys, the amount of stuff I have in my house could probably also be considered scandalous! Shhh!

With that in mind, I headed to my basement to see what I could scrounge up.  Within 30 minutes, I had this beauty hanging on my front door!

christmas holiday wreath styrofoam

I’m a fan of anything frugal and fast, but when it looks good too… well, that’s always the best part, isn’t it?!

Materials Needed:

18″ Floracraft Styrofoam Wreath Form

White ribbon

Green ribbon

Silk flower

Gift bag

Glue gun/glue sticks

christmas styrofoam wreath ribbon

I started with my wreath form and the white ribbon. All I had was this sheer, wired ribbon but it worked perfectly and covered very well as long as I made sure to overlap it each time I wrapped around.  Just put a bit of hot glue on the one end to start and then begin wrapping. When you get to the end, add another dab of hot glue to finish it off.

christmas styrofoam wreath form

Next I wrapped the green ribbon around just a section of the wreath for a pop of color.  I am ALWAYS a fan of pops of color!

Then it was time for the flower. This was actually a flower hair clip I got at Kohl’s for $1.20 a couple years ago and never used.So I was able to just clip it right on to the ribbon. You could easily use any silk flower you find and just hot glue it on in place.

The final step involves a gift bag!  This was a gift bag I purchased in a double pack from the dollar section of target in last year’s clearance.  In other words, this bag probably cost me a dime!  I loved it, though with the silver wood grain and off-set letters!  All I did for the bag, was cut the front panel off. When I did this, I made sure to not cut right against the fold line, because I didn’t want to be able to see the cut edge when it was hanging.

Check out the next picture to see how I cut in a little bit to avoid this.

christmas wreath gift bag

I debated cutting off the top section of the bag to get rid of the ribbon holes, but in the end I left it because it became my hanger! I just twisted the bag handle and hot glued it on. The little piece of green ribbon was just a scrap I used to push the ribbon down without burning my fingers on the hot glue.  Now the bag was attached and I had a ribbon to hang it from my door hanger.

christmas styrofoam wreath hook

This wreath was ridiculous fast to make and definitely puts me in the holiday spirit!

christmas styrofoam holiday wreath

After the holidays are over, you can just remove the gift bag sign, and you still have a gorgeous wreath!

styrofoam flower wreath

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