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Chinese Takeout Halloween Costume

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This homemade Chinese takeout Halloween costume was so easy and inexpensive to make! Our favorite kind of DIY Halloween costume to make!

chinese takeout box halloween costume

My daughter has always been obsessed with Chinese take-out food. Orange Chicken, Beef and Broccoli, General Tso’s.

Always. She would eat it every day if we let her. Don’t worry, we don’t.

But we did let her dress up as a Chinese take-out container for Halloween when she was 8 years old! It made her so happy to go as her favorite type of food! It made me so happy how easy and inexpensive this homemade costume was!

Supplies for Chinese Takeout Halloween Costume

Directions for how to make a Chinese Takeout Halloween Costume

  1. Cut 4 pieces of posterboard to the same size as your 4 box sides. Do not attach them yet.
  2. Find 4 images online for a Chinese takeout box. I printed these off and used them to recreate them on the poster board.How to make a Chinese Takeout Halloween costume
    I quite literally worked on this in the back of the van while I waited outside my daughter’s piano lessons. I just started free-handing the designs with the red marker based on the print-outs. You could easily sketch it first with a pencil. I had all 4 sides done in a little over an hour.
  3. Attach the 4 finished poster boards to the box using the clear packaging tape around all 4 sides of the posterboard.Chinese Takeout Halloween Costume
  4. I trimmed the top 4 box flaps, so they angled towards the top like a regular take-out box container. Then trim the remaining piece of posterboard to fit those box flaps and adhere it using the packaging tape.
  5. Unwind the wire hanger until it is completely straight.We just poked it through the sides and put duct tape on the inside of the box to hold it in place.How to make a Chinese Takeout box Halloween Costume
  6. We used a pair of suspenders that we found at a thrift store to hold the box over her shoulders. We just duct taped them to the inside of the box and then she stepped in from the underneath the box so the suspenders rested on her shoulders. You could do the same with strips of fabric.
  7. Then we put her hair up in a bun and slide some chopsticks through it and we were done!How to make a Chinese Takeout DIY Halloween Costume

She was a huge hit everywhere we went! One word of caution, be sure you pick a box that stops above the knees otherwise it can be difficult to walk (especially up stairs)!

She just carried her Trick or Treat bag in her (you can see the strap in the above picture) and had no issues getting it in and out for candy! And she got TONS of candy that year! People were giving her so much just because of how cool her costume was!

I promise, you do not need to be an artist to make this DIY costume! Just get the basic gist down and people will know exactly what you the costume is!

DIY Chinese takeout Halloween costume

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Inexpensive Chinese Takeout Homemade Halloween Costume

Allison {a glimpse inside}

Tuesday 10th of October 2017

This is too funny! Gotta love when a child wants to be something out of the ordinary!