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How to Build a DIY Seesaw

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The weather has finally seemed to clear up for good in PA, and we’re on a stretch of sunny days that I’m loving! I’m happier than ever that I decided to partner with Roundup® For Lawns to help get our backyard ready for BBQs and show you how to build a DIY seesaw, because the gorgeous weather means our yard will soon be filled with lots of friends and family!

backyard DIY fish pond

To me, sunny summer days mean playing volleyball in the backyard, picnics while the dog runs around and anything else that encourages us to run around in our bare feet!

My kids might be teens now, but they still love the feel of soft, plush grass between their toes as they chase a ball without having to worry about running around a lawn full of weeds. Or my favorite, the soft padding of grass under a blanket while you read your current favorite book.

backyard with fish pond- A Turtle's Life for Me

We prepare for our summer outdoor season a number of ways:

  • Clearing off the deck and patio and giving it a good cleaning! It’s amazing the amount of dead leaves that can accumulate over the winter!
  • Planting lots of bright, colorful flowers for that added pop! I’ll admit, I’m not the best when it comes to remembering to water my plans, but I start each year pretty determined! I even set a reminder on my phone this year, so they get watered every morning! I’m also trying my hand at mixing up my containers with some tall ornamental grass in the back, a medium-height flower and then low-growing impatients. Cross your fingers with me that this works!

preparing your backyard for summer

  • Since so much of our time is spent in the actual yard, we want to make sure it not only feels comfortable, but that it looks the best too. Roundup® For Lawns is perfect for busy families like ours, and the application couldn’t be easier. This product is specially formulated for the grass types most prevalent in our area of the country and Kills Weeds, Not The Lawn! You know, the grass that we don’t want to kill but the weeds in the lawn, we could do without.

Roundup for Lawns killed the weeds in my yard, and left us with a gorgeous place for our family to get together. This yard gets used hard, so it was important to us that we didn’t kill off our grass in the process of getting rid of the weeds.

Easter eggs in the grass

  • The best part of only having to use one product? It leaves us plenty of time for fun and games! Our family definitely knows how to handle fun and games! We want our guests and family to feel welcome even if the weeds aren’t welcome!

Part of our summer prep involves taking inventory of the games left from the previous summer- checking to see how it survived and if it needs to be replaced in order to have the maximum amount of fun at our BBQs!

I’ll show you how to build a DIY seesaw that’s perfect for kids to use in the grass where they’ll have a soft landing!

how to build a diy seesaw


One tire

1”x10”x10’ board

2”x2”x 20” board

2”x4”x 20” board


Spray paint


  • Start by cutting your tire in half using a circular saw. Be sure to wear safety goggles.
  • Spray paint your tire the desired color
  • Cut your 2×4 in half so you’re left with 2 pieces that are each 10” long. Screw these into the inside of each tire along the cut lines. (Pretend that the blue board isn’t there in the below picture. We had just placed it there to make sure everything lined up. This picture is really to show you where to place the wood pieces inside the tire so that you can later attach the blue board directly to the wood)

how to build a tire and wood seesaw

  • To make your handles (the pink pieces in my picture), take your 1”x10” board and cut 6” off the one end. Cut another 6” off for the second handle. You can leave these handles as is or use your jigsaw to cut out rounded edge the way we did.

how to make wooden handles for a DIY tire seesaw

  • Cut your 2”x 2” piece in half. This will be the second pink piece that is used to support the handle. Screw this directly into your handle.
  • You can leave your 1” x 10” board as is for the main portion of your seesaw or you can use your jigsaw to make the leg cut outs like we did.
  • Sand all of your pieces and then paint them the desired colors.
  • Attach your handles to the main base using wood screws. Then attach the main base (the 1” x 10” board) to the 2×4’s that are inserted in your tire using the wood screws.

how to build a wood and tire seesaw

That’s it! You’re ready to enjoy your new toy in your weed-free backyard!

How to build a seesaw from a recycled tire and scrap wood!


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Roundup® For Lawns.