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Buffalo Shrimp Subs #TexasPete

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Some people buy ketchup and mayonnaise and call those staples. In our house, hot sauce, buffalo sauce and sriracha are our staples. We go through Texas Pete Hot Sauce like you wouldn’t believe.

texas pete buffalo wing sauce

We put it on everything we can get our hands on! French fries get drizzled with it for their last 5 minutes of baking. We use it as a sauce on our pizza. I mix my bleu cheese dressing with it for salads. We use it as a marinade for grilled ribs. My husband and son drizzle it over their eggs every morning.  I splash it on hash browns. Guys, I could seriously go on and on. There’s no end to the buffalo sauce madness over here!

And, of course, everything buffalo chicken is started with this sauce right here- wings, dips, soups, wraps and more! But chicken isn’t the only meat that deserves a little extra kick, so let’s have shrimp have their turn in the spotlight! texas pete buffalo shrimp subs ingredients recipe [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:5] texas pete buffalo shrimp recipe subs hoagies sandwiches

Buffalo Shrimp Subs #TexasPete



texas pete buffalo wing shrimp sub recipe hoagie sandwich