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Book Party Cupcake Toppers

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Creating these book cover cupcake toppers for your next party is easier than you think!

book cupcake toppers- A Turtle's Life for Me 1

This was one of those things that I wasn’t even planning on turning into a blog post. It was just some quick cupcakes for my daughter’s class because they were having a book bistro last week. They were incredibly easy to make and I didn’t really give it much thought.

That is, until I threw a quick picture up on Instagram and Facebook and got so much positive feedback including lots of emails asking for a tutorial! So you asked, and who am I to deny you the answer?!

The first thing you need to do is decide what book covers you’re going to use. I was making these for my daughter’s 5th grade class, so I tried to go with some books I know kids her age are reading these days (because it was absolutely useless asking her to name some books since she apparently is oblivious to everything around her).

Book Cover cupcake toppers party- A Turtle's Life for Me 1

Are you making these for your book club? Use the cover of the book you’re reading that month or the covers of all the books your club has read that year.

Are you making these for a birthday party? Use the birthday kid’s favorite books.

What about for a baby shower? Use the covers of some popular Golden Books. Or maybe you want to do a Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar theme and use just that cover!

Get the picture?? This tutorial for book party cupcake toppers is easy enough that you can tweak it to fit your theme and not even have to use my free printables.

Once you decide what books you’re using, do a Google image search for those books. I just typed in “The Little Prince book cover”. Click on that image and save as to a folder on your computer. Once you have all your images saved, open up PicMonkey (it’s a free photo editing program that I highly recommend).

On the 1st screen of PicMonkey, across the top you will have tabs for Edit, Touch Up, Design and Collage. You want to click on Design.

That will bring you to a screen like this. On the left, you want to click on Crop and then use the pull down menu to select 8×10.

Book cover cupcake toppers how to crop

Then you go back to the left side of your screen where the icons are and click on the butterfly. This will take you to the overlays menu. At the top of the Overlays menu, click on “Your Own”.

Book cover cupcake toppers how to overlay

This will bring up a pop-up that allows you to select the book covers you previously saved in a file. Click on the 1st one and it will be added to your image. PicMonkey automatically adds them all as the same size overlay. I didn’t even re-size them. I used them the exact size that they were added at and just moved them around to line them up. I think they turned out the perfect size for my cupcakes!

Book cover cupcake toppers overlay

Once I had them all lined up, my sheet looked like this. I just did a save as to my desktop folder, then printed it out and then trimmed them with my paper cutter. If you would like to use the same book covers I did, just click here or click on the image to save to your computer.

book cover cupcake toppers

After I trimmed them (making sure to leave the white space on the side for the back of the cover), I folded them in half and then taped a toothpick inside of the book cover.

book cupcake toppers

I know this seems like a lot of steps, but it was SO easy! From asking the kids what books I should use, to finding the covers, making the PicMonkey image and then standing there with the finished cupcake toppers in my hand was a total of about 10-15 minutes! I promise you! It would be even faster if you were only using 1 book cover instead of having to find and save 15 like I did!

book cover cupcake toppers- A Turtle's Life for Me 1

And the kids LOVED them! Probably even more than my Facebook fans did!

Book cover free printable cupcake toppers