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The Best Smokeless Indoor Grill for Every Family

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As the summer fades, a smokeless indoor grill will let you enjoy grilling recipes throughout the cold months. An indoor grill is also great for condo and apartment dwellers, offering a safe, flame-free way to create grilling recipes. If you’re ready to take the plunge, I’ve rounded found the best smokeless indoor grill for every family. Keep reading for my recommendations!

Lazy evening backyard BBQs are a tradition where I’m from. I have a ton of fond memories and associations when it comes to grilling.

Comfy outdoor furniture, a cold beer and a few simple appetizers, kids running wild through a sprinkler, some lighthearted conversation.

As the grill heats up, the aroma of your favorite meats, potatoes, and grilling recipes waft through the air, overpowering the smell of bug spray and sunscreen that still lingers from the day….

Who’s with me in declaring that backyard grilling is the best???

TLDR: My pick for the Best Overall Indoor Smokeless Grill is the Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill with the T-Fal Opti Grill Electric Grill as a close runner up. My Upgrade Pick is the Cuisinart Griddler Elite.

The Problem with Outdoor Grilling

I LOVE backyard grilling. That said, I get that it’s not always possible, or even a first choice when it comes to safety, ease, convenience and clean up.

Condo and apartment dwellers often can’t enjoy outdoor grilling, because strata and coop boards ban charcoal or propane grills.

And then of course there’s this thing called winter, which more than half the country experiences for a good part of the year. While I’m all for bundling my husband up for winter grilling, sending him into the backyard to try a new burger recipe, he seems to take issue with this when it’s really cold. Imagine that! 

Finally, there’s the ease, convenience and safety of it all. No matter which way you look at it, dealing with charcoal and propane grills isn’t as easy as dealing with electric grills. 

Say Hello to an Indoor Smokeless Grill

Tabletop electric grills give you the grilling experience, but in your kitchen.

Even better, they often come with dishwasher friendly pieces and easy clean up.

And the latest generation of smokeless indoor grills do it without setting off the smoke alarm in your home!

Safe. Convenient. Easy. And still delicious.

How great does that sound? 

If you’re looking for an indoor smokeless grill, I’ve rounded up some of the best reviewed brands and models available right now. 

The Bottom Line on Choosing a Smokeless Grill for Indoors

Just here for the details and don’t have a lot of time to spare? I considered 10 smokeless indoor grills for this article, but picked 7 as my top choices. If you don’t have a ton of time to read this full guide to smokeless indoor grills, click through to read the reviews and learn more about my top 7. I bet you’ll find one you’ll love:

Best Smokeless Indoor Grill Reviews: My Top Picks

Best Smokeless Indoor Grill – My Top Pick – Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill

Offering a great value, this stainless steel grill is a solid bang for buck choice among indoor smokeless grills. It has 118 square inches of non stick grilling surface, variable temperature control, and a super high heat searing mode. In other words? This electric indoor grill should handle most foods you throw at it! Add easy to clean design and a removable drip tray, this is a great overall choice for most families, balancing performance and affordability.


Hamilton Beach has come up with a really solid option with this smokeless indoor grill. It has adjustable temperature control, giving you a ton of options for some creative cooking. Yes, you could grill some steaks, fish, or BBQ chicken breasts on here. But the adjustable temperature dial means you could also experiment, trying out grilled fruit or even grilled pizza!

The 118 inches of grilling surface is generous without being overkill. Hamilton Beach says it’s big enough to serve up to 6. However, I can see you fitting 4 chicken breasts or steaks on there, at max. 

It’s also an easy to clean option. The grill hood, the plate, and the drip tray are all dishwasher safe. 

Bottom Line? If you’re new to the world of smokeless grills and are looking for a solid choice that’s still affordable, the Hamilton Beach checks both of the boxes!

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Runner Up: T-Fal GC7 Opti-Grill Indoor Electric Grill

This T-Fal is another solid choice, with slightly less grilling area as compared to the Hamilton Beach, made up for by a few extra bells and whistles. This indoor grill automatically adjusts the temperature based on the thickness of the food and how “done” you want it. It also has 6 different cooking settings to make it super easy to make perfect burgers, poultry, grilled sandwiches, sausage and pork, red meat and fish. If I’m being totally honest, they had me at sandwiches. 


This stainless steel grill has some smart technology built-in, making your job as the indoor grill master even easier. For one, it automagically adjusts to the thickness of foods you throw at it. This way, you get the perfect level of doneness every time. You can also cook from frozen on this one using the “frozen” mode. Or use manual mode to cook things exactly how you want. 

It’s also super easy to follow. Prompts let you know when its preheating vs ready. And beeps indicate when your meat has reached rare, medium or well done. 

The cooking plates have been cleverly angled to ensure the juice runs off onto the drip tray. This makes it healthier for your family!

And as with my top pick, this is an easy to clean choice with removable non stick plates and a drip tray – both of which are dishwasher safe. 

This comes in a regular and an XL version. The XL also comes with a shellfish and bacon setting. 

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The Upgrade: Cuisinart Griddler Elite

This is what I’d call the luxury choice of indoor grills – a great upgrade choice if it’s something you’re going to use all the time, with super even and powerful heating. If you’re a fan of searing, this grill gets up to 500°F for up to two minutes at a time – fabulous for sealing in the juices when you’re dealing with meats and poultry.


There’s a lot I love about this indoor grill. For one, I think it’s the most stylish of the lot, and feel like the sleep design and LCD display would look good on most people’s kitchen counters.

Beyond how it looks, however, is how it functions. And what really sets this indoor grill apart is the fact that the heating elements are build into the plates, giving super powerful and even heating for whatever you throw at it.

Add to that, this grill has dual temperature control, so you can cook more than one thing at once: I’m thinking steak and potatoes, or chicken breasts and veggie kebabs, or bacon and eggs, or a panini with grilled zucchini! It has a fairly huge cooking surface of 240 square inches, which means you’ll have plenty of space to perfect your grilling techniques.

Additional bells and whistles include the 6 cooking functions, including a contact grill, full and half griddle, full grill, top melt, and Panini press. 

As with all the grills I’ve chosen so far, it has an easy clean up too. The nonstick grill and griddle plates are all removable and dishwasher safe.

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Best for Large Families and Entertaining: George Foreman Indoor Outdoor Electric Grill (15 Serving)

Most smokeless indoor grills are meant for tabletop cooking for a small family. So what’s a large family or hostess with the mostess to do? Enter the George Foreman 15-serving grill. This baby can fit up to 15 burger patties, making it a bit of a powerhouse among smokeless grills. Add to that, the George Foreman is meant to be used indoor and outdoors, adding an extra level of versatility.


George Foreman has been a leader in smokeless grills for decades now, and continues produce some truly great options.

What I love about this grill (besides how much it can cook!) is the indoor / outdoor nature of the thing. With the addition of a removable stand, you can pop this thing on your apartment balcony and get the feeling of a “real” outdoor grilling experience. Remove the stand, and it functions as a countertop or tabletop indoor grill.

The size of this is also an obvious plus – this is the only option on our list where you could grill up a huge batch of burgers, which is nice for large families and entertaining, but also great if you’re into freezer cooking like we are! It has an adjustable temperature, meaning it’s good for cooking a range of recipes to your own preference.

As George Foreman popularized the idea that indoor grills are a healthy choice, it’s no surprise this grill has a sloped cooking surface to ensure grease pools away from your food.

Overall, I think this is a great product and good value. One downside in my mind? It’s not dishwasher safe.

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Most Versatile: Ninja Foodi 5-in-1

If you want one kitchen appliance that’s going to do some serious multi-tasking, this Ninja is a great choice. In addition to working as a smokeless indoor grill, it also air fries, roasts, bakes, and dehydrates!


While this certainly isn’t a typical choice among smokeless grills, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad choice! If you have limited counter space and budget, and demand some serious multitasking from your small appliances, this Ninja Foodi will meet your criteria.

First, the indoor grill function. The Foodi comes with a 10″ x 10″ ceramic coated grill plate. The plate should fit 4 burger patties or chicken breasts, which is enough for many families, and gets up to 500°F.

The beauty of the Foodi is it does more than just grill. We are seriously into air frying these days (we’re using the Breville Smart Oven Pro at my house and it’s so awesome), so I love the additional air frying feature on the Ninja.

However, you can also use it in a ton of other ways, making this one of the most versatile kitchen appliances you’ll ever own!

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Best on a Budget: Gotham Steel 1618-A Smokeless Electric Grill

If you’re looking for a once-in-awhile choice, this grill is a great budget choice. It costs just a fraction of some of the other grills on this list, and still gets great reviews. If you need a grill for a specific recipe, want to test out indoor grilling, or want the benefits  of an electric grill on a budget, this is a great option. 


There’s a lot to love about this Gotham Steel Smokeless Grill. Of course,  it’s affordable  – great news for occasional users, and anyone who wants to save some cash. Beyond that, however, it’s well reviewed and does a pretty darn good job.

The detachable cooking dial is easy to follow, so you can choose the perfect temperature for your recipe from 4 different heat settings (high, medium, low, and warm). 

The ceramic coated drip pan sits under the grill to catch fat and drippings, and the ceramic coating functions to keep smoking to a minimum.

Both the grill surface and drip pan are dishwasher safe (the temperature dial is not!)

The grill surface is non-stick ceramic, with alloy steel  

This is a great budget choice, costing just a fraction of the other indoor grills on our list, and still getting great reviews. 

Cooking surface is  12″ x 10″ and also available in XL

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Easiest to Use: Philips Avance Smokeless Indoor BBQ Grill

A fast-heating and fast cooking indoor grill that can tackle pretty much anything you throw it’s way, from meat to veggies or even grilled fruit. Easy to clean, we love the stay-cool drip tray which keeps smoke to a minimum makes clean up a breeze. 


The Philips Avance smokeless indoor grill uses a unique combo of infrared light and reflectors to ensure even and efficient cooking. 

This product has a simple design that makes it super easy to use – you don’t even need to set the temperature. It consistently heats up to and cooks at 446°F, which is great for cooking and searing a range of foods, but especially meat, fish, and poultry.

The drip tray is a great feature. Your meat’s  natural grease separates during grilling, dripping down to the tray. This makes your  end meal healthier, which is always a win. However,  the tray is designed to stay cool  too, which means no  smoking.  Add to that, it makes  clean up easier. 

Speaking of cleanup, you can basically wipe clean, or you can pop the grill in the  dishwasher. Yes, really.

Note, if you try to do really saucy meats, you’ll probably still get some  smoke. Also, sometimes the  drippings can simmer a bit, so you still want a lot of ventilation.

One con for this:  it’s big, and takes up a pretty large footprint on  your counter, so beware and consider this before shopping (7.5 x 21.9 x 16.9 inches). The grill area is 12 x 7.

Hot tip: cover the drip pan with aluminum foil for even easier clean up. 

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What to Look for When Shopping for a Smokeless Indoor Grill? 

If you’re still not sure which is best for you, here are some factors that you might want to consider.

Cooking Surface

Consider how often you plan on using your grill indoors, and how much you plan on cooking at once. Most of the grills I’ve covered in this article will cook enough meat for 2 or 3 people at minimum, but if you have a larger family, or want to simultaneously cook meat and veg for a 4-person family, you’ll need to consider that before purchasing.

Cord Length

Many indoor grills have fairly short electrical cords, so you’ll need to use them near an electrical outlet. While you may be able to use an extension cord with some, you’ll need to check the wattage of the grill and buy an extension cord that’s able to handle that level of electricity. As an extra precaution, I recommend checking with the manufacturer before testing out an extension cord.

Indoor and Outdoor Use (vs Indoor Only)

Do you want to use the grill in your kitchen in the winter, and then move it out to the patio when the weather gets nicer? Or do you plan to use it inside all year long. Different grills have different levels of versatility: consider where you want to use it.

Drip Tray Design

Indoor grills tend to have two styles of grill: an open style, like a traditional BBQ, whereby the fat will simply drip through the grill to the drip tray below. And a closed style grill plate, that needs to be specifically designed to ensure drippings fall away from your meal and into the drip tray. Generally, a fat removing slope or incline will do the trick here. It will gently guide the drippings away from your food and into the drip tray, resulting in healthier food for your family!

Easy to Clean

Typically with indoor grills, the clean up should be fairly easy. When it’s time to clean the grill, wipe clean or use a bit of regular dish soap. Many are also removable and dishwasher safe. 

Temperature Control

If you’re a fairly novice griller, a set temperature such as the Philips Avance probably appeals – it makes it a bit harder to screw up when you know it will cook everything at the same consistent temperature. However, if you’re a more experienced cook and want more flexibility, the ability to change the temperature on your indoor grill is key, as it will let you try out far more recipes and combinations, and let you get more creative!

Are Smokeless Indoor Grills Really Smokeless?

Yes ish. While all of them have been designed to be mostly smokeless, if a bit fat dollop of BBQ sauce hits the grill on its way down to the drip pan, you may get a bit of smoke. 

Of more relevance though, is the fact that indoor grilling may fill the air inside your home with the aroma of – well – indoor grilling.

If you don’t want your house to smell like grilled steak tomorrow, introduce some fresh air while you’re cooking. 

Final Thoughts About Choosing the Best Smokeless Indoor Grill

If my mom came to me asking which indoor smokeless grill to buy, I’d suggest Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill, T-Fal Opti Grill Electric Grill, or the Philips Avance Collection Smokeless Indoor BBQ Grill. Really, I think among these three, almost every family is going to find something.

However, I understand some families will want extra features. The Cuisinart Griddler Elite stands out for offering super even and high heat- so it’s really the luxury choice if you’re willing to spend a bit more cash on your indoor grill. Likewise, the Ninja Foodi is super versatile if you want your appliances to do double (or quintuple) duty.

Large families and those who like to entertain a lot should consider the George Forman Indoor Outdoor 15-Serving Electric Grill. It’s seriously impressive how much this one can fit!

Finally, if you’re just starting out with indoor grilling and budget is a key consideration, I think the Gotham Steel grill is great value.

Here are all the indoor grills I considered for this article, with my Top 6 picks in bold:

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