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Best Natural Way to Clean Ovens

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The Best Natural Way To Clean Ovens is also one of the easiest! This chemical free cleaning method will work on so many surfaces in your whole home!
Best Natural way to clean ovens

I vividly remember being a young 23 year-old out house hunting with my fiance (now husband). I was so excited to go to our first showing and check out the room sizes and lay-out and everything else that had to do with aesthetics and design.

We walked into the first house, and our agent immediately went over to the stove to open the oven door. She said that the very first thing she does when she goes into a house is check inside the oven to see how clean it is. She said it’s nearly always a good indicator of how well they keep up with the rest of their house.

A person who keeps their oven clean is usually a person who remembers to change the air filters. It’s a person who keeps the dryer vents clean. And on and on. Apparently, you can tell a lot about a person’s cleaning habits by how the cleanliness of their oven.

I vowed then and there that I would always  keep my oven clean.

And then life happened. The holidays happened. Crazy, busy schedules happened.

Basically, nobody should ever look inside my oven.

how to clean a dirty oven

I mean, seriously. This is disgusting. But I just keep on using it every day and only take the time to clean it a few times a year.

Until lately, that is. See, part of my hesitation in cleaning it is that I can’t stand to use the self-cleaning function that’s built into the oven. The smell is absolutely horrible and gives me a terrible headache. Plus, it takes hours! Why does it take so long??

I also am not a big fan of commercial cleaners that use a lot of chemicals. I’ve been trying to move away from them in nearly all of my household cleaning products. Especially when it comes to the oven! I’ve tried cleaning it before using some well-known cleaners, but then the next time I turn the oven on, I always feel like it smells like bleach or ammonia. Even if I wait a bit between cleaning and using the oven again, it always seems like the heat intensifies the cleaner’s smell. Not something that I want my food to smell like!

how to clean a ceramic cooktop without chemicals

Insert a steam machine! This thing is literally the answer to all of my previous cleaning dilemmas:

  • No chemicals!
  • No smell!
  • Works incredibly well!
  • Works fast!

I started with the stove top. For the most part, I’ve managed to keep this pretty clean. We had one spill over 2 years ago, though, that I just couldn’t get clean. You can see around the gray ring, the dark stains and burn marks. Those are 2 years old and get harder to clean every time I use this burner. I’ve tried many cleaners and a razor blade with no success.

how to clean a ceramic cooktop

I used the  nylon brush attachment on the steam machine, and some distilled water, and it was gone in minutes. It never fails to amaze me how just heated water and a little elbow grease can clean and disinfect so well!

how to clean a ceramic stovetop

Then I moved inside the oven. This is where it gets embarrassing and our first real estate agent would be horrified.

The door is absurd. I really do clean it a few times a year, but I also use my oven A LOT, and apparently I’m not the neatest!

how to clean an oven door

I switched to my Steam Cleaner for this one because I wanted to try out some of the other attachments. I used mainly the copper wire brush and the squeegee attachment for the inside of the oven.

natural ways to clean an oven

You can see here where I took two quick passes with the steam machine. This was literally right after I started. Just two passes with the copper wire brush attachment removed that much built-up gunk!

how to clean oven door steam machine

After a lot more work, you could really start seeing a huge difference! I still need to work on the frame around the window, but I was just so amazed with how clean this got without using chemicals or commercial cleaners of any sort!

how to clean oven stove without chemicals

For the bottom of the oven, I first moved the oven racks up to the highest position (or you can just remove them completely).  I used the copper wire brush for this part of the job as well.

This is where I (embarrassingly) started:

how to clean a dirty oven without chemicals

And after about 15 minutes, this is how much better it was already starting to look!

how to clean dirty oven with steam machine

One of my favorite parts of a steam machine is how versatile it is! I end up carrying it from room to room and can tackle so many different surfaces!

The same steam machine that worked its magic on my stove top, can move into the living room and tackle the carpet!

how to clean carpets without chemicals

I just pop the handheld machine back into the steamer frame and use the carpet glider attachment. SO much more convenient than getting our big, bulky carpet cleaner out and it works just as well!

how to clean carpet without chemicals with steam machine

I’ve also used my steam machine to clean our patio furniture, our grill, our shower, floors, vehicles and so much more! It’s my favorite versatile tool and I love that it’s the best way to clean naturally!

I use one of the organizers to keep track of all the attachments. The top row is for all of the attachments that go with the Steam Mop. The bottom row is for the steam machine attachments. No more searching between boxes and on the garage floor for attachments that have rolled off!

how to use a steam machine


Best Natural way to clean ovens

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