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The Best Hotels in North Vancouver to Stay In (Advice from a Local)

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The best hotels in North Vancouver, British Columbia, including which areas of North Vancouver to stay and which North Vancouver hotels we personally recommend.

I was born in North Vancouver, grew up in North Vancouver, and – after living abroad and having many overseas adventures – live in North Vancouver again, since 2020.

Despite spending most of my teen years desperate to leave, now that I have my own kid, I have a new appreciation for North Vancouver, and have trouble naming another place in the world that is so safe, and so naturally beautiful (although most of Norway probably qualifies).

I love it when friends and non-Vancouver family come to visit us here, and we can show them our favorite spots. Unfortunately, because of Vancouver’s housing prices (completely outrageous), those that come to visit us have to stay in a hotel. We simply don’t have any extra space for guests in our apartment.

Which brings me to this article. Anytime someone comes to visit us, we spend a fair amount of time helping them decide which North Vancouver hotel to stay in. I’ve written that email countless times over the last couple of years, laying out the different hotel options in relation to location, public transit, and budget.

Today, I’m sharing that info so that anyone else who is planning a trip to North Vancouver – or is planning to stay a few nights in North Van on a larger trip to Vancouver, Whistler, and Vancouver Island – can benefit from our local knowledge.

Which North Vancouver Hotel Do We Recommend the Most to Friends and Family?

Below, I go over all of the most popular North Vancouver hotels, explaining what I see are the pros and cons of the locations and the hotels themselves. However, the bottom line is this: we almost always recommend friends and family to stay at the Pinnacle Hotel at the Pier, which is in the Lower Lonsdale or Shipyards area of North Van.

We’ve personally stayed at the Pinnacle hotel a number of times on a staycation, and it’s where my Dad stays when he comes to visit us, and where my in-laws stay when they come to visit, too.

The Shipyards has other good hotels worth visiting, too, but for us, The Pinnacle seems to win out on price vs location vs value, every time.

If you’re not convinced the Pinnacle is right for you, here’s my full summary of recommended hotels in North Van”

For more detail on all the hotels in North Vancouver we recommend, and which hotels are best for visiting different attractions, keep reading below.

To check prices and reviews on The Pinnacle, you can check prices, reviews and availability on here.

Is North Vancouver a Good Place to Stay When Visiting Vancouver? (Why Stay in North Vancouver)

North Vancouver is on what’s known as the North Shore, which includes the cities and districts of both North Vancouver and West Vancouver. The North Shore sits north of downtown Vancouver, across Vancouver Harbour / the Burrard Inlet.

Confusingly, North Vancouver is north of Vancouver, but West Vancouver is not west of Vancouver – West Vancouver is west of North Vancouver.

I told you it was confusing!

To add to it, “the West Side” is a totally different area – it’s the western area of Vancouver proper, south of Kitsilano and east of the University of British Columbia.

Adding one more point of confusion to the mix, “The West End” is the western side of downtown Vancouver, stretching between Stanley Park and English Bay.

Google map with annotated labels showing the difference between West Vancouver, the West End and the West Side
West Vancouver vs the West End vs the West Side

To avoid getting confused, it’s fair to simply say you’ll be staying on or visiting the North Shore, as all locals will know exactly what you mean.

The North Shore is connected to Vancouver proper via two bridges (the Lions Gate Bridge and the Iron Workers Memorial, often referred to as the Second Narrows Bridge) and the Seabus, a passenger ferry that connects Vancouver’s Waterfront Station (on the downtown side of the water) with North Vancouver’s Lonsdale Quay (on the North Shore).

A Google map of Vancouver and the North Shore (North Vancouver and West Vancouver) with annotated labels showing the two bridge crossings between North Vancouver and downtown, and the seabus crossing
The three crossings between Vancouver and North Vancouver: the Lions Gate Bridge, the Seabus, and the Second Narrows

Depending on the type of trip you’re planning, there are a few reasons you might consider staying in North Vancouver as a tourist, instead of downtown.

North Vancouver is Home to a LOT of Natural Beauty

The North Shore, which includes North Vancouver and West Vancouver, is mostly known for its outdoor attractions and beauty.

View of Vancouver from Mount Seymour on a sunny winter day
View of North Vancouver (foreground) and downtown Vancouver (across the water) from Mount Seymour this winter

The area is home Vancouver’s 3 local mountains (Seymour, Grouse, and Cypress), two suspension bridges set in temperate rain forests (Capilano Suspension Bridge and Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge), and some of the world’s best mountain biking.

We also have a beach (Ambleside), great hikes (Quarry Rock is probably one of the most famous), lots of quaint waterfront (Deep Cove, Lighthouse Park in West Van, Horseshoe Bay) and some great parks and playgrounds.

A father and daughter facing the water during a sunset at Ambleside Beach in West Vancouver
My husband and daughter enjoying dusk at Ambleside Beach in West Vancouver

If you’re mostly interested in visiting Vancouver’s mountains and forests, staying in North Vancouver is a great bet. You’ll be close by, and you won’t have to worry about bridge traffic to get to the North Shore.

North Vancouver is Very Safe, and the Shipyards is a Great Location to Stay in Vancouver with Kids

North Vancouver is extremely safe and family friendly.

The Shipyards area around Lonsdale Quay is one of my top recommended areas to stay in Vancouver, BC if you’re traveling with young kids in particular, and don’t want to be overly concerned about safety.

The Shipyards consists of a large public plaza at North Vancouver’s waterfront, which has a covered area that is frequently filled with kids (in the summer it’s a spray park, in the winter it’s a public ice rink, and in between it’s great for kids to scooter, bike, and climb).

There’s also a waterfront walk and pier.

The Pier at the Shipyards in North Vancouver (right side of the photo) looking into downtown Vancouver
The Pier at the Shipyards (right side of the photo) looking into downtown Vancouver

There are two hotels at the Shipyards – The Pinnacle at the Pier and the Seaside Hotel – and one very close by at Lonsdale Quay (the Lonsdale Quay Hotel).

There are also a decent number of restaurants in the area, including Nook, an Italian restaurant which is a favorite in my family.

The Shipyards / Lonsdale Quay area is well connected by public transit. You can get to downtown in 15 minutes via the Seabus, where you can connect further via bus or Skytrain. You can also take the bus from this area to Grouse Mountain and Capilano Suspension Bridge easily.

Staying in North Van is Convenient if You’re Planning on Taking a Ferry from Horseshoe Bay

If you plan to visit Vancouver Island via BC Ferries, you’ll take either the Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay ferry, or the Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo ferry.

The Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo ferry departs from the North Shore, in Horseshoe Bay, which is about a 20 minute drive from North Vancouver.

A father and daughter look at a BC Ferries ferry docked in Horseshoe Bay, West Vancouver
My husband and daughter looking at a BC Ferries Ferry docked in Horseshoe Bay

Staying in North Van is a Great Option if You’re Heading to Whistler Next

Likewise, basing yourself in a North Vancouver hotel for a night or two is a great choice if you’re heading to Whistler next.

Highway 1 runs through North Vancouver and West Vancouver, which then turns into Highway 99 – otherwise known as The Sea to Sky Highway – which is the road you take when driving up to Whistler.

It’s Convenient If You’re Taking a Cruise from Vancouver

Most cruise ship passengers taking a cruise out of Vancouver stay at Canada Place near the cruise ship terminal on the downtown side of the water, which makes sense!

View out the window of a room at the Fairmont Waterfront in Vancouver, BC, of Canada Place in the foreground and North Vancouver in the background
View from our room of the Fairmont Waterfront of Canada Place, where cruiseships depart from in Vancouver

There are some really nice hotels right by the Vancouver cruise ship terminal, so if you choose to stay there, don’t second guess yourself.

However, if you want to get slightly off the beaten track, or you can’t find a hotel you’re happy with by the Vancouver cruise terminal, staying in North Vancouver, at either The Pinnacle by the Pier, Seaside Hotel, or Lonsdale Quay Hotel, isn’t a bad option.

You’re 15 minutes from downtown via the seabus, and the seabus station (Waterfront station) is only a short, 5-minute walk to the cruise ship terminal at Canada Place.

Plus, you get the cross the harbour on the way to and from your ship.

Vancouver Harbour, or Burrard Inlet, looking north at North Vancouver in winter
Vancouver Harbour, or Burrard Inlet, looking north at North Vancouver in winter

Best Hotels in North Vancouver For Every Type of Trip and Traveler

It’s worth noting that there aren’t actually that many North Vancouver hotels to choose from.

Below, I go over the options that do exist, including those I recommend to friends and family, and have stayed in myself.

There are also some recommendations on this list that I haven’t stayed in, and are based on my personal knowledge of the location and research into reviews, instead.

Best North Vancouver Hotel for Most Travelers Visiting North Vancouver

Best for Almost Everyone: Pinnacle By the Pier Hotel at the Shipyards

North Vancouver’s Pinnacle at the Pier Hotel is my top choice out of all the hotels in North Vancouver.

It’s where my in-laws and my dad always stay when they come to visit us.

We’ve also stayed in it ourselves on several occasions, and can speak with personal experience about this North Vancouver hotel.

View over the Shipyards and to downtown Vancouver from a room at the Pinnacle Hotel at the Pier North Vancouver
View from our room at the Pinnacle, looking down at the Shipyards and across the water to Vancouver

As far as the hotel itself goes, it’s a solid 4+ star hotel in my opinion.

The beds are extremely comfortable based on personal experience, the rooms are clean and modern, and there are some decent facilities, including a fitness center; a great indoor pool (and a hot tub, steam room, and sauna); free wi fi; and a decent on site restaurant, which is best known for good breakfast and brunches.

The rooms facing the water have nice views looking over the Shipyards and pier, and across the Vancouver harbour. Get one of these if they’re available and prices are within your budget.

Katie from aturtleslifeforme holds a glass of white wine on the balcony of her hotel room at the Pinnacle Hotel North Vancouver, with the view from the room in the background
Cheers from my room at The Pinnacle

While the hotel itself is nice, the location is also exceptional for adults or families traveling to Vancouver.

For families, the covered plaza at the Shipyards has a spray park in the summer, an ice skating rink in the winter, and a flat area for biking, scooting, running, and climbing in between. You’ll find many families there at all times of the year, enjoying the very family friendly atmosphere.

There’s also a tiny but fun playground along the “boardwalk” (we call it the Seawall in Vancouver), to the left of the pier, if you’re facing the ocean, and a seasonal “wading area” in between the Tap and Barrel and the Polygon Gallery, which kids seem to LOVE (mine included!).

Wading area at North Vancouver shipyards between the Tap and Barrel and Polygon Gallery
The wading area in front of the Polygon Gallery. Fun to splash in and climb the rocks!

For adults, there is a nice selection of restaurants in this area.

At the Shipyards itself, Nook is a great Italian restaurant; Joey’s is a local chain that has casual, North American fare; and Pier 7 is a great option for seafood. The Tap and Barrel is is known for their huge selection of wine and beer on tap, and has a good selection of pub grub. Both the Tap and Barrel and Joey’s have great views from their patios.

Pizza from the Tap and Barrel North Vancouver

Nook and The Tap and Barrel in particular are family friendly as well. The Tap & Barrel has a kids menu, and Nook will happily do a kids pasta or pizza if you ask.

If none of these are to your liking, you can be downtown in 15 minutes on the Seabus, or walk a couple of blocks up Lonsdale to find a bigger selection of restaurants.

The stretch of Seawall at the Shipyards is also part of the Spirit Trail bike path, which connects a huge stretch of waterfront on the North Shore. If you want to check it out on two wheels, you can rent bikes from Reckless Bikes, just across the street from the front entrance of the Pinnacle Hotel.

Finally, the Pinnacle Hotel is a 5 minute walk from Lonsdale Quay, which has a market that’s currently being refurbished, and is home to a public transit hub, which will give you easy access to Grouse Mountain and Capilano Bridge via the bus system.

The Grouse Mountain skyride arriving at the mountain top station in North Vancouver
Grouse Mountain

It’s worth noting that neither the Pinnacle Hotel or the Seaside (which I cover below) offer free parking, and parking at the Shipyards is fairly costly.

The Pinnacle charges $29.00 per night plus taxes for parking at the time of writing.

Check Prices and Availability at The Pinnacle Hotel North Vancouver

Best for Couples: Seaside Hotel North Vancouver

The Seaside Hotel North Vancouver is just across the street from the Pinnacle, and also overlooks the Shipyards.

It has all of the same benefits in terms of location as the Pinnacle does, but it has a more upscale, boutique-hotel vibe.

Whereas the Pinnacle doesn’t have a spa, the Seaside does (however, no on-site pool or fitness). The rooms are also a bit more design-forward.

The restaurant is known for its oysters and cocktail program, but the menu is fairly well rounded with something for most eaters – although less so for pickier kids.

Whereas the Pinnacle is a “something for everyone” kind of hotel, in my opinion the Seaside skews more adult and couples, and it’s usually pricier than the Pinnacle as well.

Check Prices and Availability at The Seaside Hotel North Vancouver

Best for a Central Location on a Budget: Lonsdale Quay Hotel

The Lonsdale Quay hotel sits on the top floor of North Vancouver’s Lonsdale Quay (“quay” is pronounced the same as “key” FYI).

Known simply as “the Quay”, Lonsdale Quay is a collection of market, artisan and food stalls on the main floor, with shops on the second floor.

The entire Quay is currently undergoing a major refurbishment, and I think it’s fair to say it was much needed. Once the new Quay launches, there will be a new Kings Taps restaurant, plus revitalized merchants throughout the building.

But in the meantime, it’s all a bit tired and dated, and isn’t a destination I’d go out of my way for.

So where does that leave the Lonsdale Quay Hotel?

It’s still not a bad option. Location-wise it’s next door to the Shipyards, and within a stone’s throw of the Seabus and the bus hub where you can catch buses to visit different spots around the North Shore.

It also tends to be a bit less expensive than the Pinnacle Hotel, making it a good option if you want a central North Vancouver hotel on a tighter budget.

Personally, I’d rather stay at the Lonsdale Quay hotel over the options below (the Capilano Road motels, and the Holiday Inn Suites North), but that’s based on location alone. I prefer busy, vibrant areas, and The Shipyards/Quay area fits that bill.

Check Prices and Availability at The Lonsdale Quay Hotel North Vancouver

North Vancouver Hotels Near Grouse Mountain and Capilano Suspension Bridge

Another option, location wise, is staying closer to Grouse Mountain and the Capilano Suspension bridge: two of the biggest reasons tourists come to North Van.

Both are truly spectacular destinations, and are absolutely worth crossing Vancouver Harbour from downtown Vancouver to the North Shore to visit.

If you plan on doing Grouse and the Suspension Bridge in a day, you can stay in downtown Vancouver and catch a bus to both.

However, if you’d prefer to have a slightly more relaxed day, break up your visit over two days, or see some of North Vancouver’s other attractions, as well, it’s worth thinking about basing yourself in North Vancouver.

There are 3 motel-style accommodations just down the road from both attractions at the bottom of Capilano Road.

I haven’t stayed at any of these, and would almost always recommend someone stay at the Shipyards over this location, due to the fact there’s just not a lot going on in this area in terms of restaurants and entertainment. However, this area is safe and fine, and it’s extremely convenient for getting an early start or staying late at either the Suspension Bridge or Grouse.

This area is also fairly convenient in terms of getting to and from the Highway. If you’re arriving in North Vancouver late at night, or plan on leaving early in the morning for Whistler, these aren’t a bad option.

All 3 of these hotels also offer free parking; parking is costly at the Shipyards, so if you have a car and are on a budget, then these might be a better bet for you.

The three hotels in this area are: the SureStay by Best Western Capilano Inn; the EconoLodge; and the North Vancouver Hotel.

At the time of writing, they all had around the same ratings from past guests, although the Econolodge was rated lowest, and the SureStay and North Vancouver Hotel were tied as the highest rated hotels in this area (true at the time of writing, but this may have changed by the time you are reading this: best to click through on the properties to check the current ratings and reviews on

All three have free parking on site and free wi fi. Beyond that, there are a few key differences.

SureStay by Best Western Capilano

This is probably my top choice of the three motels in this area, given it has the most amenities. There’s a seasonal heated outdoor pool, which is fun if you visit in warm weather. There’s also an on-site restaurant (De Dutch Pannekoek House) which is open for breakfast and lunch. The Best Western also has basic kitchenettes available in some rooms, which is a bonus for packing lunches and simple breakfasts.

Check Prices and Availability at the Best Western North Vancouver Capilano

North Vancouver Hotel

While the North Vancouver Hotel doesn’t have a restaurant or pool, it does have an on-site laundry, making it a great option if you’re on a longer trip, and expect you’ll need to wash and dry your clothes.

Check Prices and Availability at the North Vancouver Hotel


The EconoLodge has an outdoor pool (seasonal), free parking, and kitchenettes available. No laundry that I could tell, and no on-site restaurant like the Best Western.

Check Prices and Availability at the EconoLodge

Best North Vancouver Hotel for Mountain Biking, Capilano University, and Visiting Mount Seymour and Lynn Canyon Park

The Capilano Road motels – SureStay by Best Western Capilano Inn, the EconoLodge, and the North Vancouver Hotel – are on the western border of North Vancouver, before the start of West Vancouver. They’re well located for visiting Grouse Mountain and Capilano Suspension Bridge.

The Shipyards hotels – the Pinnacle, the Seaside and Lonsdale Quay Hotel – are well located in the North Vancouver City Center.

But what if you’re visiting Capilano University? Or are in North Vancouver for the world-famous mountain biking on Mount Fromme or to visit Lynn Canyon Park in Lynn Valley?

The Holiday Inn Suites North Vancouver is a great option for all of these.

It’s located just across the Second Narrows Bridge on the North Vancouver side, close to Mount Seymour, Mount Fromme and Lynn Canyon (about a 10-minute drive for all of these).

This is also a great location if you need to stop for the night, en route to Whistler, or if you’re going to catch an early ferry from Horseshoe Bay in the morning. It’s right off the highway, and if you get going before rush hour, it’s only a 15- to 20-minute drive from here to the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal.

In terms of amenities, it has an indoor pool, sauna and fitness centre, and an on-site restaurant and on-site pub.

Check Availability and Prices for the Holiday Inn North Vancouver

My Summary on Choosing from the Best Hotels in North Vancouver