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Best Cookie of the Month Club + Cookie Subscription Boxes

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Looking to add some delicious fun to your mailbox each month? A cookie of the month club is a great choice for yourself and as a gift. I’ve found 12 popular and delicious cookie of the month clubs, so you can choose the best!

No surprise here – I love baking cookies. From our vanilla pudding twist on the classic chocolate chip cookie to our Texas sheetcake cookies, I’m a huge fan of putting in a bit of elbow grease to bake up some cookies once in a while!

That said, I’m also a huge fan of getting surprises in the mail each month.

And if they’re surprises I can eat and share with friends and family? Even better.

Enter: cookie clubs.

Looking for the best options? IMHO, Cookie of the Month by Little Red Bakeshop is the best overall cookie of the month club. Color My Cookie is the best cookie subscription focused on cookie decorating and Fresh Baked Cookie Crate is the best cookie baking subscription. If you need a cookie subscription for dietary restrictions, Ten Thousand Cookies offers the best vegan and gluten free cookie subscriptions and Cheryl’s Cookies offers the best sugar free cookie of the month club.

What is a Cookie of the Month Club

Cookie of the month clubs are monthly subscriptions. Every month, receive a selection of gourmet treats for an agreed upon price. As with baking subscriptions, most subscriptions renew automatically, but are easy to cancel. Be sure to read your cookie of the month club’s terms to understand shipping, monthly billing and renewals.

If you’re ready to jump into the hip-widening world of cookie clubs, come along with me! I’ve found a few options for anyone who wants to five this a try!

Best Cookie Subscription Box Summary

Don’t have a lot of time, but in need of a subscription full of cookies? Who isn’t, amiright? Here’s the lowdown on some of the best cookie of the month clubs that I found through research:

  • Fresh Baked Cookie Crate – Bake your own super creative cookies with pre-measured ingredients and instructions.
  • Color My Cookie Decorate 6 pre-iced shortbread cookies monthly, with all the edible paint and decorations included in the box. You also get access to a monthly online tutorial with a professional pastry chef.
  • Ten Thousand Cookies – Looking for vegan or gluten free cookies? Ten Thousand Cookies makes delicious GF and vegan treats. 
  • Cookie of the Month by Little Red Bakeshop – No baking or decorating required – just a dozen delicious cookies (or 1 cookie pie) delivered to your door every month.
  • Gramma in a Box – An adorable idea that targets “family activity time” – 8 ready-to-decorate sugar cookies and 2 candy projects delivered monthly to your door.
  • Oreo of the Month Club – A selection of unique and hard-to-find Oreos delivered every month!
  • Best Box Ever Bakery – Another DIY decorating subscription, with your choice of either 6 or 12 themed sugar cookies to decorate each month.
  • Macarons Subscription Box – Bringing the taste of Paris to your front door, these are hand made by a French chef in California.
  • Big Cookie of the Month Club – If tiny, regular sized cookies just aren’t cutting it for you, this subscription sends you one gigantic 9″ cookie each month.
  • Cheryl’s Cookies Cookie of the Month Club – Choose from a buttercream frosted cookie club, a gourmet cookie club, and a sugar free cookie of the month club!

The 12 Best Cookie of the Month Clubs: Monthly Cookie Club Reviews

Fresh Baked Cookie Crate

The Fresh Baked Cookie Crate is a ‘bake your own’ cookie of the month club, with super creative (and delicious) cookies. 

Image copyright and courtesy of Fresh Baked Cookie Crate via CrateJoy

The Fresh Baked Cookie Crate ships out during the first week of the month. Open it up and you’ll find pre-measured artisan ingredients, easy to follow instructions, and 2 to 3 cookie-themed surprise gifts. It’s suitable for any level of baker, and even older kids. 

What I love most about this cookie of the month club is the unusual flavors and creative assorted cookies you’ll get to make…

Carrot Cake Cookie Sandwiches, Ruby Chocolate Chip Cookies, Banana Nut Bread Cookies, Salty Caramel Turtle Cookies, Brown Butter Snickerdoodles, and Apple Pie Cookies are some of the past selections!

If Oatmeal Raisin or Chocolate Chip is your jam, look elsewhere. This cookie of the month club is all about expanding your cookie horizons, boosting your cookie baking chops, and turning you into a gourmet cookie lover! 

Order before the end of the month for next month’s box. You start with a 1 month subscription and it renews automatically, but you can cancel anytime you like. Ships within the US only.

Color My Cookie Subscription

If you’re more of a decorator than a baker, you’ll love this Cookie Club. It looks like a ton of fun for adults who love decorating. However, it’s also a great activity for kids, from around 5 and up. 

Image copyright and courtesy of Color My Cookie via CrateJoy

Each month, Color My Cookie will send six pre-iced classic shortbread cookies, plus all the fixings to transform them into colorful (and delicious) masterpieces. The delicious cookies – from Tart Bakery in Dallas – aren’t too sweet, which is a nice balance for iced cookies. That said, it is the same shortbread cookie each month.

In addition to the cookies, you’ll get a palette of edible paint, the required paint brushes, and any extras – think sprinkles or edible glitter – needed to create the design of the month. 

One of the coolest things about this Cookie of the Month club is it helps you perfect your cookie decorating skills. Yup – each month you’ll get access to an online tutorial, led by a pro pastry chef, to help you master the cookie of the month decorating task. 

Past boxes include adorable trucks and tractors, spring-themed flowers and Easter eggs, 1970s inspired hippie cookies, and cupcake themed cookies! They are truly adorable, and easy enough to follow that even kids can decorate perfect cookies! 

Color My Cookie is a monthly shipment, sent out by the 10th of every month. If you start your monthly subscription after the 10th of any month, it will arrive the following month. 

And it ships worldwide! 

Ten Thousand Cookies

If you’re looking for a gluten free* cookie of the month club, say hello to Ten Thousand Cookies. 

Image courtesy of Ten Thousand Cookies via CrateJoy

This is a mom-owned business with a great story: Mompreneur Ashley baked 10,000 cookies to raise the $35,000 needed to adopt a baby, and Ten Thousand Cookies was born. 

Ten Thousand Cookies offers 5 different monthly club options:

  • The DIY Cookie Decorating Kit (Gluten Free): You’ll receive a dozen gluten free sugar cookies in adorable shapes, 3 bags of royal icing in the colors you’ll need, plus sprinkles, toothpicks and instructions to decorate.   
  • The Cookie Crate Mixed Treat Box (Gluten Free): The Cookie Crate is a simple cookie subscription box that includes a a dozen cookies total. Expect 4 signature chocolate chip, 4 sugar cookies, and 4 “monster” cookies (peanut butter and double chocolate). Sometimes, you’ll also get surprised with their current seasonal flavor! 
  • The Sugar Cookie Box (Gluten Free): The Sugar Cookie subscription includes a dozen sugar cookies, iced and decorated with simple but beautiful sprinkles.
  • The Monster Cookie Box (Vegan and Gluten Free): The Monster Cookie is Ten Thousand Cookies’ maximum flavor cookie: packed with peanut butter and double chocolate, you’ll hardly know its gluten free and vegan. Look forward to a dozen Monster Cookies per month.
  • Vegan Cookie Crate: This is the same as the Cookie Crate (above) but the entire dozen are vegan, too. 4 chocolate chip, 4 fancy sugar cookies and 4 monster cookies. 

Your chosen cookie crate ships out 3 to 5 days after your order. The 1st month subscription will renew automatically, and you can cancel at any time. USA only.

Gluten Free Warning!

*One really important note about this cookie club: Ten Thousand Cookies uses certified GF flour in all their cookies, but unfortunately don’t bake them in a certified gluten free kitchen. As such they can’t guarantee there’s no cross-contamination. Because of this, their handmade cookies probably aren’t suitable for people with celiac disease. 

Cookie of the Month by Little Red Bake Shop

If you’re more interested in a delicious treat than a delicious activity, Little Red Bake Shop has just the thing. No baking or decorating required – just a dozen delicious cookies (or 1 cookie pie) delivered to your door every month.

Image courtesy of Little Red Bake Shop via CrateJoy

You’ll mostly find classic favorite cookies in this monthly cookie subscription. Past boxes have included mixes of Chocolate Chip, Molasses Spice, Double Chocolate Peppermint, S’mores and Triple Chocolate Cookies. Cookie pie examples include Caramel Snickerdoodle and Rocky Road.

I love that Little Red Bake Shop is a small-batch kind of bakery – they use mostly organic ingredients in their cookies, and eschew artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.

Another awesome thing about this monthly subscription box is the fact that they’ll try to accommodate for dietary restrictions. If you need nut-free, gluten-free or vegan cookies, just shoot them a message and they’ll do what they can.

Ships on the second Monday of each month. Sorry Canada – this box ships worldwide from the USA, except to Canada.

Gramma in a Box

This is an adorable concept, and definitely targets the “family time” crowd! Indeed, this subscription box would make a great family activity.

Image courtesy of Gramma in a Box via CrateJoy

“Gramma” delivers 8 sugar cookies and 2 candy projects monthly to your door. The sugar cookies are ready to decorate, and come with 3 icing bags and 4 types of sprinkles.

And at the end of the activity, you’ll have a total of 20 treats: 8 decorated sugar cookies and a dozen candies to enjoy.

Everything is easy to follow, with step-by-step instructions that include photos. As an added benefit, allergens and ingredients are clearly labelled to put parents’ minds at ease.

Many of the boxes are themed around season or holiday – think Valentine’s Day Dessert RecipesHalloween, Thanksgiving, beach themeback to school, etc.

For grandparents who live away from their grandchildren, this also makes a great gift.

Ships via USPS during the first week of the month, only within the USA, and shipping is free. Your subscription will automatically renew every month, although you can cancel you box anytime.

Oreo of the Month Club

And now for something completely different… an entire cookies of the month club dedicated to Oreos!

Image courtesy of Oreo of the Month Club via CrateJoy

I have to be honest, I am a bit naive in the ways of the Oreo, and had NO IDEA there are so many different flavor combinations out there (I did, however, you can decorate Oreos!).

Past Oreo of the Month boxes have included a box of Thin Salted Caramel Oreos, Fudge Covered Chocolate Oreos, Classic flavor Easter Egg Edition Oreos, Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie Oreos, Chocolate Marshmallow Oreos, and Chocolate Troll Edition Oreos with green creme, glitter, and popping candy.

If the idea of scarfing down a box of Carrot Cake or Birthday Cake Oreos every month sounds a dream, then you’ve found the subscription box for you.

It’s certainly one of the most niche out of the cookie of the month clubs on this list!

Happily, this box offers international shipping, and your first subscription box will ship on the 10th of the month. If you want to get it same month, you need to order by the 5th.

Your subscription will renew automatically so you can receive Oreos every month, but you can cancel your subscription any time.

Best Box Ever Bakery

Another DIY decorating cookie club of the month. Choose between a half dozen or a full dozen sugar cookies each month, and decorate to your heart’s content.

Image courtesy of The Best Box Ever Bakery via CrateJoy

I will say, these cookies are freaking cute. Each box is a different theme, with boxes arriving in the second half of the month.

I also love that Best Box Ever is a mother-daughter baker team. Based in Huntsville, Texas, you can stop by in person if you find yourself in the area. If you have no reason to go to Hunstville, you can order their cookies right to your doorstep, each and every month!

Best Box Ever ships boxes around the 15th of the month, and you need to subscribe before the 10th of the month to get that month’s box of cookies.

They only offer shipping within the United States. Your subscription will renew automatically, but you can cancel easily!

Macarons Subscription Box

I’m not going to get into the whole are macarons cookies debate, because frankly the only thing we need to agree upon for this cookie club is that macarons are delicious.

Image courtesy of Macarons Subscription Box via CrateJoy

If COVID is getting you down and you want to escape to “Paris” for a bit, give this sweet subscription box a chance. Hand baked by Le Cordon Bleu trained French chefs now based in California, this box includes a dozen macarons each month, in at least 6 different flavors.

Shipping within the US only. You need to order by the 27th of the month to get the current box, and they ship at the end of the month.

Big Cookie of the Month Club

If a cookie the size of a 9″ pizza sounds up your alley, you’ll love the Big Cookie of the Month Club!

Image courtesy of Big Cookie of the Month Club via CrateJoy

With drool-worthy flavors like salted caramel, lemon, strawberry shortcake, Kentucky butter cookie, and pumpkin praline, it’s hard to think of someone who wouldn’t like this subscription!

Boxes ship out on on either the first or third Monday of the month. This subscription also offers worldwide shipping from the US.

Cheryl’s Cookies Cookie Clubs

If you’re not familiar with Cheryl’s Cookies, you might be suprised to know it’s huge in the world of delicious surprises! Cheryl’s is in fact a sister brands to 1-800-Flowers!

Image copyright and courtesy of Cheryl’s Cookies

Cheryl’s has a few different cookie clubs you can join depending on your preferences. 

Buttercream Frosted Cookie Club: Choose either a monthly (12 deliveries per year) or bi-monthly subscription (6 deliveries per year) or either 12 or 24 buttercream frosted cutout cookies. 

Cookies are shaped according the a monthly theme. Expect really cute cookies, such as snowflakes in January, Easter “eggs” in March, pumpkins in October, and holiday shapes in December

Gourmet Cookie Club  – Choose either a monthly (12 deliveries per year) or bi-monthly subscription (6 deliveries per year). 

Cookies are set for each month, and include 12 of the same cookie per delivery. The annual cookie schedule includes Cocoa Sugar (January), Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Sugar Cookies, Oatmeal Raisin, Peanut Butter with Nuts, Salty Caramel, Blueberry, Butterscotch Toffee Almond, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodle, or New Chocolate Chip (December). 

Sugar Free Cookie Club – Cheryl’s also offers a sugar free cookie of the month club that’s pay as you go. Each delivery includes 12 cookies, including 2 each of their sugar free oatmeal cinnamon, chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, lemon, chocolate frosted chocolate and buttercream frosted cut-out cookies.

Best of the Holidays Cookie Club – If you want to be sure you have holiday themed cookies on hand throughout the year, Cheryl’s Cookies’ Best of the Holidays subscription is a great choice. You’ll get either 12 or 24 cookies delivered 5 times per year, for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, July 4th, and Halloween.

How to Choose a Cookie of the Month Club

I hope you’ve found this article helpful, and you’ve found a subscription that’s perfect for you! If you’re still wondering how to choose, I’ve listed a few final considerations below.

  • Subscription Options: Is it a monthly delivery? What’s the subscription duration?
  • Ease of Cancellation: CrateJoy makes it easy to cancel anytime, as long as the box hasn’t been prepared for shipping or shipped yet.
  • Variety Pack vs Curated: Most cookie subscriptions aren’t customizable – what you get is what you get. If you’d prefer to order specific flavors, you might be better off ordering directly, rather than a subscription model. Same goes if you need ingredient or flavor substitutions.
  • Taste Preferences: Do you want the latest trends in cookies and unusual flavors, or tried and true classics? Some subscriptions offer a combo of old and new flavors – perfect if you want some comfort cookies and some new options!
  • Frosted Cookies vs Not: This goes back to preference!
  • Gift Options: If you plan on sending as a gift, you might want some special options, like a gift note. Check with each subscription to see what’s on offer.

Final Thoughts on Finding the Best Cookie Subscription Box

Which cookie subscription did you choose?

I hope you found something you love, but if not, don’t give up. Both Cheryl’s Cookies and CrateJoy have plenty of other delicious subscriptions – you’ll just need to do a bit more searching. 

If you know a cookie lover in your life, please share this article with them!

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Sunday 7th of March 2021

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