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Batman String Nail Art

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I have been wanting to try my hand at string art with nails for awhile now and just never got around to it!

For our homemade Christmas gift exchange, my son pulled his cousin’s name. He was thrilled he was making something for a 14 year-old boy and not one of his girl cousins. I, on the other hand, think teenage boys might be THE hardest group ever to buy or make anything for!!

He knew immediately that he wanted to make him something with the Batman logo. I popped him on Pinterest and he had his idea and plan done in about 2.4 minutes! Sooooo much different than when we had to pick a project for my daughter to make… but more on that on a different day!

In addition to barely taking any time to pick his project, he honest-to-goodness started it that night and was pretty much done by the next day. He cannot wait for anything. There’s very rarely anything on his mental to-do list. He just does it right away. It’s bizarro nutso.

batman nail string art

He grabbed a piece of scrap wood from our garage that we didn’t even have to cut. Or sand. Or do anything. He walked out to the garage and a couple minutes later he came back in with this piece of wood.

He painted it with some chalkboard paint we already had, but black paint would work great too.

stevie homemade christmas gift

Then he found a good clean Batman logo online to print out. He cut out the shape, lined it up on his board and then used nails to form the outline.  He used a pencil as a spacer between the nails so they would be evenly spaced apart. He just eyeballed it to make sure they all went in at the same depth.

batman string art sideview

This kid was working SO fast on this project, I barely had time to keep up with him. I came home the next day and he already had the string started and was just standing there holding the end of it because he needed help tying the knot! HOW LONG WAS THIS KID STANDING THERE?!?

So, aside from some knot-tying help, he did the ENTIRE project by himself! Pretty cool, eh? Of course, the problem with a kid who works fast and independently is that there are no step-by-step pictures for you guys! He worked too quickly, but I’m still proud of my crafty little boy!

batman nail wood string art

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