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Apple Pie Milkshake

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apple pie milkshake up close


When I was in 7th grade, I won an award for best math student on my team. There were probably about 100 kids or so, and I won for best math student!! {that should probably be a question mark instead of an exclamation mark}


I can assure you that that is the last time I’ve been recognized for anything having to do with math. I would almost believe that it was a mistake and they accidentally said the wrong name and didn’t know how to take it back, except there were no other Natalies in my grade and no one with a last name even close to mine. I think it really was for me!


The closest I come these days to acknowledging that math plays a role in my life, is to celebrate National Pi Day! I’m going to assume that someone out there is as dense with this subject as I am, and go ahead and point out the obvious… National Pi Day is celebrated on 3/14 and, unfortunately, it does not go on and on forever. You have one small chunk of 24 hours to get that pie made and eat your heart out!


If your schedule is anything like mine lately, 24 hours seems to go by in about 6 hours, which really doesn’t leave us with much time at all to get pies made, does it? Who woulda thunk that owning a business could be such a time suck?? Don’t say that you thought it, just don’t say it.


So I did what any juggling-expert mom does… I hiked drove down to the grocery store with my daughter. There are times to let the experts do their thing and this was one of those times. The weather around here has been kind of fickle lately – jumping from gorgeous, warm weather to windy snow flurries – sometimes all within the course of one day. So, while we stood there looking at the Marie Callender’s pies, I was thinking light and citrusy for warm weather and my daughter wanted a warm, apple pie because she is always chilly. I was feeling a bit sacrificial, so we went for the apple crumb pie.

apple crumb pie

I still am daydreaming of warmer days, though, so we decided to compromise once we got home and turn it into a apple pie milkshake. We just grabbed some vanilla ice cream, mixed it with a little milk and whipped it up with our Magic Bullet. I poured a little into each glass, topped it with a pie slice that we had broken up a little with our spoons and then more milkshake over it. We stirred it together a bit as we went and enjoyed it while we all sat around and made math jokes… or something like that.

apple pie milkshake marie callender



Jen @ Four Marrs & One Venus

Thursday 14th of March 2013

Umm.. yes please- thanks for the coupon..hello this is looking pie-marvelous!