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Over 40 Do It Yourself Halloween Costumes!

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DIY 40+

Halloween is just 30 days away!  Have your kids made their final choices on their costumes?  If they’re anything like mine, they like to change their minds, oh about 10 times before we get the actual costume!  If you’re tight on money, or just like to be crafty, this is the post for you!  I have come up with over 40 different Do It Yourself Halloween Costumes that will please anyone and everyone!  There are even a few ideas for the whole family to coordinate with each other.  Make this Halloween memorable- work on some costumes together with your kiddos and take lots of pictures.  They WILL remember the costume that mom made, just as my favorite costume was one that my mom made for me when I was younger.

5 Family Costume Ideas- Wizard of Oz, Toy Story, Peter Pan, The Addams Family, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid

5 Family Costume Ideas

80’s Girl Costume

80's Girl

Ariel the Mermaid Tulle Costume


Ash Ketchum from Pokemon

Ash Ketchum Pokemon

Black Widow Spider Costume

Black Widow

Bumble Bee Costume

Bumble Bee

Captain America Costume

Captain America

How to Make a Wig for Captain Jack’s Costume

Captain Jack, WIG

Cowboy Costume

cowboy costume

Dancing Circus Zebra Costume

Dancing Circus Zebra

Dread Pirate Roberts Costume from The Princess Bride

Dead Pirate Roberts

Elsa Cape Tutorial

Elsa Cape

Fortune Teller Costume

Fortune Teller

Indigo Montoya Costume from The Princess Bride

Indigo Montoya

Captain Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow

DIY Knight Helmet

Knight Helmet

Ladybug Costume


Medusa Costume


Mermaid Costume

Mermaid 1

Monsters University Sorority Costume

Monster U Sorority

The Muppets Costumes


Jake and the Never Land Pirates Family Costumes

Neverland Pirates

Family Peter Pan Costumes

Peter Pan Family

Pippi Longstocking Costume

Pippi Longstocking

Princess Buttercup Costume from The Princess Bride

Princess Buttercup

My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Costume

Rainbow Dash

Santa’s Sleigh Stroller and Reindeer Costume

Santa's Sleigh and Reindeer

Shark Costume


Shower Pouf Costume

Shower Poof

DIY Skeleton Costumes


Spider Costume

Spider Costume

Wonder Woman Costume

Wonder Woman

Zombie Girl Costume

Zombie Girl

Zombie Costumes




Papa Smurf, Marionette, Alien in a Spaceship, and Progressive’s Flo Costumes

Papa Smurf 3 Marionette 2 Green Alien 4 Flo 1

Fisherman Costume


DIY Skeleton Costume

DIY Skeleton

Football Family Costumes

Football Family

I hope you and your family have a fun time creating your costumes.  The possibilities are ENDLESS!  Have a great and safe Halloween!